Leave your toilet as fresh

Toilet Cleaner

A clean toilet is a reflection of a pure mind.

Keeping things hygienic is the most important factor because it affects us psychologically. We Indians always say that God lives where cleanliness is. Corona taught us to care for and clean all surroundings first and foremost for a better, healthier life for individuals and families. 

India, where hygiene and cleanliness are taken for granted

There is the ground-level issue of toilets and loos in India where people are most frustrated when they are probably roaming outside and have to use any public toilet or maybe any public washroom because people use the washroom as rubbish by thinking that to clean that used washroom is nor particular responsibility that’s why everyone uses public toilet as rough manner even not flushes after using too and it’s like ooh!! Or sheee!!! Voice internally felt very irritated and blemished.

However, severe health issues occur by spreading germs and contamination of bacteria through the human body by connection with this dirty place, which is home to bacteria and dangerous mosquitoes.

What should cared for as individuals and for children while using the toilet

When you are in a visiting place or wandering outside, you must keep some hygiene or pocket cleaning paper while using that toilet or washroom.

Spray the toilet seat if the washroom is Western because it directly connects to the body while sitting on it, so some clinical hygiene chemicals must be used to wipe it out.

Our Indian loo is in our traditional site to sit on a toilet bench by one knee so it does not directly contact the body, but people in India usually do not use enough water to pass all the faeces from the toilet bowl. It is very disgusting and unhygienic, so using water to clean toilet space must be essential.

At home, we usually use the toilet we use daily many times, and we traditionally clean our Indian bathroom by brushing it with some mixed chemical diluted water, which can leave a yellow stain on the toilet tub and eventually make waste.


How many toilets are available

Regular Toilets:

  • The usual kind is found in many homes.
  • Uses a fair amount of water for each flush.

Eco-Friendly Toilets:

  • Has two buttons for flushing – one for a bit of color (for pee) and one for a significant color (for poop).
  • It saves water and is suitable for the environment.

Super-Powerful Toilets:

  • It flushes strong, thanks to pressurized air.
  • No need for a second flush, but it can be a bit noisy.

Simple Toilets:

  • Basic toilets that work with gravity.
  • Quiet, easy to take care of, and not prone to clogging.

Nature-Friendly Toilets:

  • Turns human waste into compost using materials like sawdust.
  • The compost is safe and suitable for plants.

Water-Saving Toilets:

  • Don’t use water for flushing.
  • Ideal for places where water is scarce.

Easy-to-Install Toilets:

  • It can be placed anywhere without complicated plumbing.
  • Great for spaces where installing pipes is tricky.

Portable Toilets:

  • Small toilets you can carry around.
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures and events. 

Acid-Based Toilet Cleaners:

  • Purpose: Designed for tackling stubborn stains caused by calcium or metal salts.
  • Application: Ideal for removing limescale and mineral deposits in toilets.
  • Effectiveness: Works well in areas with hard water, where mineral buildup is common.
  • Usage: Apply on toilet surfaces, let it sit for a specified time, and then scrub or flush.

Bleach-Based Toilet Cleaners:

  • Purpose: Formulated for general cleaning and disinfection.
  • Application: Suitable for eliminating bacteria, germs, and stains.
  • Effectiveness: Effective in removing stains and helps maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Usage: Apply directly to toilet surfaces, including the bowl and rim, let it sit, and then scrub or flush.
  • Bleaching Agents: Can contain hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorite for disinfecting properties.


Girness toilet cleaner

Product Composition:

The product is manufactured by combining three main ingredients:

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl):

  • Role: Used as an acidic component.
  • Function: Aids in breaking down and dissolving tough deposits or stains.
  • Application: Effective for cleaning surfaces with mineral buildup.

Oleylamine Ethoxylate:

  • Role: Acts as a surfactant.
  • Function: Enhances the spreading and wetting properties of the solution.
  • Application: Improves the overall effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

Cetyltrimethylammonium Chloride:

  • Role: Functions as a cationic surfactant.
  • Function: Aids in emulsification and helps remove dirt and grease.
  • Application: Contributes to the cleaning and disinfecting properties of the product.


  • Role: Serves as a solvent and diluent.
  • Function: Provides a medium for the other ingredients to mix and spread quickly.
  • Application: Forms the base of the cleaning solution.

Manufacturing Process:

  • These ingredients are carefully combined in specific proportions to create a cleaning solution with the following characteristics:

Cleaning Power :

  • The hydrochloric acid component targets tough stains and deposits.

Surfactant Action:

  • Oleylamine ethoxylate and cetyltrimethylammonium chloride improve the solution’s ability to spread and penetrate surfaces.

Safe Dilution:

  • Water ensures the solution is appropriately diluted for practical and secure application.


Girnes has developed and manufactured a scientifically formulated toilet cleaner that thoroughly eliminates stubborn stains from the toilet bow and surfaces. This advanced solution is carefully crafted to deliver effective cleaning without causing any harm to the quality of the toilet bowl material.

Furthermore, the toilet cleaner is designed to leave no persistent or bothersome odors in the toilet room, providing a lasting sense of freshness. It contributes to creating a consistently refreshing and relaxed atmosphere in the toilet space, promoting a comfortable environment that you take seriously

Europeans say that leave your toilet as fresh room for the following user .