Introducing Girnes - Your Partner in Creating a Fresh and Healthy Home!

Girnes has been a trusted brand under the renowned Shree Hari Resources Pvt Ltd, based in Surat, Gujarat specializing in waste management. Girnes in manufacturing top-quality home care cleaning products that promote a safe and hygienic living environment for every household.

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We manufacture high-quality home care cleaning products through research and experimentation, with a strong connection to every consumer. Our products contribute to safe and clean surroundings that promote everyone’s health.

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Every home free from toxins and brimming with hygienic essentials, we offer consumer-friendly chemical solutions for the care and safety of every individual.

Why US ?

Everyone is ardently conscious about their health priorities, both as individuals and for their children. The market is replete with offerings of various chemical solutions, such as soap and liquid, often needing proper lab certification or approval. Despite this, people are accommodating these products in their homes, unwittingly exposing themselves to potential harm or ineffectiveness on the human body. Girnes is exceptionally cautious in ensuring that all our products undergo research and experimentation in the laboratory before being introduced to the market for consumer use. Our entire range of products is reasonably priced to suit middle-class families, upholding our commitment to quality and affordability.

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