About the company

Your Partner in Creating a Fresh and Healthy Home!


Girnes, a trusted brand under SHG Greentech LLP in Surat, Gujarat, specializes in manufacturing top-quality home care and cleaning products for a safe and hygienic living environment. Our dedicated R&D ensures safe materials and certified solutions that eliminate germs, toxins, insects and harmful microorganisms while prioritizing people’s health.


As people become increasingly conscious about their health, we understand the importance of using products that are both effective and safe. Our commitment to safety goes beyond mere claims. Each of our liquid cleaning products undergoes standard laboratory examination and approval, guaranteeing that they deliver optimal results without compromising your health.

Girnes stands for more than just cleanliness; it creates the safest environment for every family. Our hygiene products aim to bring smiles to every member of your home, ensuring a fresh, healthy, and happy living space that lasts a lifetime.